Mi-COVID19 registry earns national recognition

The Collaborative Quality Initiative program was recently awarded the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s Fast Network Best Practice Prize, for the rapid development and implementation efforts of the Mi-COVID19 registry.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan demonstrated the effectiveness of CQI programs in rapidly bringing together providers across the state to implement quality improvement initiatives, particularly in times of crisis.

In April 2020, within weeks of the pandemic hitting Michigan, the Hospital Medicine CQI, with support from 11 other CQIs, launched a clinical registry focused on Michigan patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

The goal was to quickly obtain data to understand this patient population and help support clinical decision-making across Michigan. More than 40 hospitals across the state are contributing data, sharing and learning best practices to improve care for patients with COVID-19.

A recent Mi-COVID19 analysis uncovered widespread, unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics for patients. When COVID-19 cases were peaking in the spring, more than half of hospitalized patients suspected of having the virus received antibiotics in case they had a bacterial infection. Yet testing showed that more than 96% of them had the coronavirus — which isn’t affected by antibiotics.

Based on the study findings, inpatient COVID-19 treatment guidelines have been updated.

The rapid speed in which the Mi-COVID19 CQI could be pulled together is further proof that the CQI platform, supported by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, can make a big difference when emerging health crises develop.

The Mi-COVID19 registry continues to collect and review data, sharing information and best practices by webinar. To register for an upcoming webinar, go here.