Using Team-Based Care for Patient-Centered Medical Home Success

October 2, 2019

Patient-centered medical homes serve as key models for primary care and requires cooperation between patients, providers, and community stakeholders.

Blue Cross outlines gains through patient-centered medical home project

October 1, 2019

Now in its 11th year, the patient-centered medical home project sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has saved $626 million in health care costs in reduced hospital admissions, emergency department visits, use of generic drugs and fewer expensive radiologic exams, the company said.

Hospitals Send Some Patients Home With Risky Antibiotic Prescriptions

February 13, 2019

Even as hospitals try to cut back on prescribing fluoroquinolones — powerful but risky antibiotics — a new study shows that many patients still head home with prescriptions for those same drugs, increasing their risk of everything from “superbug” infections to torn tendons.

Hip, Knee Replacement Registry Reaches 250,000 Cases

February 8, 2019

A statewide collaborative is identifying ways to improve patient care for hip and knee replacements through quality improvement projects.

Surgical patients receive four times the opioids they use, study shows

November 8, 2018

Surgeons have prescribed opioids at rate that’s nearly four times what patients actually use, according to a new study.

Short-term Use of IV Devices Is Common — and Risky — Study Shows

February 26, 2018

…a new study finds that one in every four times a PICC gets inserted, the patient didn’t need it long enough to justify the risks that it can also pose.

A Grass-Roots Effort to Make Colon Surgery Safer

January 30, 2018

Work to reduce surgical site infections, sepsis and more at dozens of hospitals across Michigan shows promise — but room to improve.