PROGRAMS Health Information Exchange

The Health Information Exchange is a statewide notification service that provides daily, all-payer admission, discharge, transfer, medication and ER census reports on patients. This enables physicians to follow up with their patients sooner, better coordinate care transitions, and reduce duplication of medications and therapies.

Value Partnerships supports and rewards provider participation in the exchange. Thanks in part to the support from Blue Cross, it is the largest HIE in the nation. Data is flowing amongmost hospitals and all of the physician organizations that participate in PGIP. Roughly half of the skilled nursing facilities statewide also participate.

  • 112 hospitals, 40 physician organizations and 230 SNFs participate in the statewide HIE notification service.
  • The service routes information for more than seven million Michigan patients.
  • Participating hospitals send notifications for approximately 99% of all admissions statewide.

Ellen Ward