Physician Group Incentive Program

Launched in 2006, the Physician Group Incentive Program includes nearly 20,000 primary care and specialist physicians throughout Michigan in provider-led clinical quality improvement efforts.

The program connects more than 40 physician organizations statewide to collect data, share information, and collaborate on initiatives that improve the health care system in Michigan.

In addition to the initiatives below, all provider organizations that participate in PGIP are evaluated on overall cost performance and trend of cost over a 24-month period. Provider organizations earn rewards for cost efficiency relative to other participating organizations, and for cost trend.

2019 PGIP initiatives

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances Encourages physicians to increase their electronic prescribing of controlled substances, which increases safety.

Health Information Exchange – Supports physician organizations’ participation in a statewide notification service that provides daily, all-payer admission, discharge, transfer, medication and ER census reports on their patients.

Integrating Behavioral Health into General Medicine Care – Encourages coordination of primary care and behavioral health.

Patient-Centered Medical Home – Supports coordinated, cost-effective care centered around each patient’s unique needs.

PGIP Clinical Quality Initiative – Promotes the use of evidence-based medical guidelines to improve overall quality.

Resource Stewardship Initiative – Encourages participants to reduce the use of certain services, procedures and tests that may be overused or have questionable value.

Telehealth – Promotes the use of telemedicine, online visits and telemonitoring to provide patients with additional points of access.