Tom Leyden Receives National Health Care Leadership Award

By: Debbie Reinheimer

Tom Leyden

One of the strengths of the Value Partnerships platform is the collaborative atmosphere among participants and Blue Cross. And one of the primary people guiding this collaborative atmosphere for the past 13 years has been Tom Leyden, Value Partnerships director.

So it was fitting to see Tom recognized with the Primary Care Community Leadership/Research Award at the annual Primary Care Collaborative (PCC) conference Dec 1. The award is presented to an outstanding individual who has demonstrated remarkable leadership and/or research to ensure that primary care is foundational to community or state healthcare-reform efforts.

Under Tom’s leadership, Value Partnerships programs such as the Patient Centered Medical Home and Collaborative Quality Initiatives have grown exponentially, benefiting participating hospitals and physicians with more than a half billion dollars in annual value-based reimbursement opportunities.

“BCBSM’s leadership – including Tom Leyden – have been instrumental in evolving and strengthening the PCMH model and in achieving significant results in Michigan,” said Ann Greiner, PCC’s President and CEO. “One of its most important features is the strong BCBSM commitment to engaging the clinical community in defining and executing the program. This kind of partnership has made all the difference.”

Notably, these programs also have reshaped the standards of health care delivery in the state, bringing higher quality health care and improved outcomes to all Michiganders, and beyond. Value Partnerships programs are internationally recognized, have been profiled in over 30 countries and have earned multiple awards.

“As a leader, Tom looks at data and trends to prepare for the future, while aptly managing the day-to-day. He’s a practical visionary who has skillfully shepherded the Value Partnerships platform into a national model for value-based innovation that empowers and elevates primary care,” said Stephen Carrier, senior vice president, Care Delivery Transformation and Network Performance Improvement.

Due to the pandemic, the PCC conference was held virtually this year. Tom was recognized with the award during a livestream, including a video tribute from his colleagues and collaborators.

Remarks from people in the video included:

“He has worked so effectively to listen to people, follow up, resource them, handle things, give feedback, that practices across the state now have a different way of approaching their patients.” – Tom Simmer, SVP & chief medical officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“He earned this recognition by uniting and helping to transform Michigan’s health care community.” – Ewa Matuszewski, CEO, Med Net One

“He has empowered physicians and nurses to develop and implement that best practice. He understands that everybody is working together to try to achieve the same thing – better health.” – Chad Brummet, MD, senior associate chair for Research, University of Michigan Medical School.

Founded in 2006, Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), formerly known as Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, is a nonprofit multi-stakeholder membership organization dedicated to advancing an effective and efficient health system built on a strong foundation of primary care and the patient-centered medical home. Representing a broad group of public and private organizations, PCC’s mission is to unify and engage diverse stakeholders in promoting policies and sharing best practices that support growth of high-performing primary care and achieve the “Quadruple Aim”: better care, better health, lower costs, and greater joy for clinicians and staff in delivery of care.