PROGRAMS Physician Group Incentive Program

Launched in 2005, the Physician Group Incentive Program includes over 20,000 primary care and specialist physicians throughout Michigan in provider-led clinical quality improvement efforts.

The program connects approximately 40 physician organizations (representing these 20,000 physicians) statewide to collect data, share best practices and collaborate on initiatives that improve the health care system in Michigan.

Participating physician organizations are evaluated and rewarded on transformation of health care delivery, quality metric performance, and performance enablement – all efforts designed to improve the overall value of care delivered while reducing total cost of care.


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Key PGIP initiatives

Behavioral Health Collaborative Care Model

Provides a team structure that includes psychiatric constants and dedicated care managers to support primary care physicians as they address the challenges associated with managing the care for patients with varying health care needs.

Clinical Quality Initiative

Promotes the use of evidence-based medical guidelines, such as the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, to improve overall quality.

Health Information Exchange

Supports physician participation in the statewide, all-payer, real-time notification service, which provides admission, discharge, transfer, medication and ER census alerts.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Increases access to medication assisted treatment statewide by supporting PCP training to provide in-office MAT, and reward practices for providing MAT.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Supports coordinated, cost-effective care centered around each patient’s unique needs.

Provider-Delivered Care Management

Supports development and implementation of personalized care management teams within PCMH-designated practices, to care for patients with chronic conditions or multiple, ongoing health needs.