PROGRAMS Organized Systems of Care

An Organized System of Care is a community of primary care and specialty physicians, along with care providers in hospitals and other facilities, who work together to coordinate care across all care settings for their patients. OSC providers streamline care, reduce repeated tests and labs, and make the system work better for patients.

OSCs are like Accountable Care Organizations, but with flexibility in how caregivers are identified, defined and organized.

  • 35 OSCs across Michigan
  • 18,000+ participating physicians
  • More than 1,500,000 attributed members

Blue Cross currently offers the Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO product based on our Organized System of Care (OSC) program platform within Michigan. Physician Choice PPO is an innovative product that provides members with unique access to the entire PPO network while offering lower out-of-pocket costs when members choose to coordinate care through OSCs.

Providers can find more information on participating in an Organized Systems of Care here.


Danny Zajac

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