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Medicare Advantage


Medicare Advantage PPO – Billing FAQ for CPT 1111F
Billing FAQ for CPT Category II code 1111F for Medicare Advantage PPO members who receive a medication reconciliation within 30 days of an inpatient discharge to home.
Provider Delivered Care Management member brochure
For PDCM participating practices. This is a brochure you can customize with your practice name and provide to your patients when you are recommending care management.
PCMH Cancer Screenings
PCMH Longitudinal Study
Published April 2015
Costs avoided through PCMH
Published research, July 2013
PGIP Journey 2016
A history of the development and progress of the Physician Group Incentive Program and other complementary programs.
Value-based Reimbursement for Primary Care Overview
Value-based Reimbursement for Specialists Overview
PGIP Clinical Quality FAQ
PGIP Clinical Quality Overview
Value-based Reimbursement for Primary Care FAQ
Webinar on Provider Delivered Care Management for Oncology
Webinar on Specialist Fee Uplifts
Adult BMI assessment
Follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness
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