2017 Value Partnerships Annual Report

Read about the progress the Value Partnerships program made in 2017. (PDF)

News and Releases

Mining a deep vein of data, researchers make key findings on IV device use
Research from Hospital Medicine Safety quality collaboration reveals wide variation in PICC line usage and complications.
University of Michigan Health System
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan recognizes 63 hospitals statewide for delivering high-quality, affordable maternity care
Better Value in Health Care Requires Focusing on Outcomes
This philosophy underlies a remarkable collaboration between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBS Michigan), the state’s largest commercial payor, and a collection of public and private providers in the state. These “Collaborative Quality Initiatives (CQIs),” financially supported by BCBS of Michigan, focus on state-wide outcome measurement for particular medical conditions or procedures coupled with frequent in-person discussions among would-be competitors to understand variations in practice and performance and to debate how best to improve outcomes.
Harvard Business Review
New program teams pharmacists with primary care doctors to help patients with medications
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Value Partnerships Program Has Transformed the State’s Health Care Landscape, Saved $1.4 Billion
Over the last 10 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, together with hospitals, physicians and care providers across the state, have collaboratively improved clinical quality, efficiency and health outcomes, saved lives and directly prevented $1.4 billion in health expenses.
Public Reporting Is a Judgment Call
In mid-July, the investigative journalism group ProPublica unveiled an online "Surgeon Scorecard." While it may be easy to criticize the ProPublica data and methods, the harder and more appropriate question is: What is a better alternative? We would start by asking the purpose of measuring in the first place. In the case of ProPublica's scorecard approach, it appears that the primary purpose is to judge – to determine whether one surgeon is better than another on a limited set of outcomes for a particular procedure. A better alternative, in our view, is measuring to improve.
US News and World Report HEALTH blog
Michigan Continues to Lead Nation in Patient-Centered Health Care, Thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Patient-Centered Medical Home Program
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and University of Michigan Health System launch initiative to improve emergency care quality statewide
Research shows Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan program improves health care quality, lowers cost
Cancer screening rates improve, disparities shrink for patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PCMH doctors
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