2016 Value Partnerships Annual Report

Read about the progress the Value Partnerships program made in 2016.  (PDF)

News and Releases

These Surgeons Wanted to Prescribe Fewer Opioids. So They Developed a Guide for All to Use
How many prescription pain pills should a patient receive after breast cancer surgery? Or hernia repair? Or gallbladder removal? With the country facing an epidemic of opioid pain medication abuse, the answer should be simple: just enough to ease immediate post-surgery pain. But surgical teams have lacked an evidence-based guide, or even rules of thumb, to help them gauge this amount. Until now.
Michigan Health Lab
Heart Bypasses Cost Billions, but There’s Opportunity for Improvement
Coronary artery bypass expenses vary widely across hospitals, a new study finds. Addressing a few key areas could lower hospital bills and improve quality of care.
Michigan Health Lab
Health reform driving payer-provider partnerships
The Michigan Blue Cross PCMH program is featured as one of six key value-based programs to watch nationwide.
Healthcare Dive
PCMHs thrive with use of pop health technology
The Michigan Blues PCMH program is featured in this article.
Managed Healthcare Executive
Approving Bariatric Surgery at Lower BMI May Improve Patient Outcomes
As more Americans turn to bariatric surgery for weight loss, a new study suggests they may not want to wait until their BMI exceeds 40 to reap the biggest benefits.
M Health Lab
More Physicians in More Counties Earn Patient-Centered Medical Home Designation from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
DETROIT, July 11, 2017 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and its provider partners once again lead the nation in the comprehensive, regional adoption of the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of primary care, as 4,692 physicians in 1,709 practices have earned designation as patient-centered medical homes this year. In its ninth year of designation, […]
Cardiology quality collaborative celebrates 20 years of improvements
BMC2, established in 1997, is the longest-running Value Partnership in Michigan An effort to improve quality of care and outcomes for heart patients is marking two decades of statewide collaboration. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Cardiovascular Consortium, or BMC2, was created in 1997, and has since inspired additional initiatives in other specialty areas. The percutaneous […]
Michigan Medicine
Study Shows Blue Cross Patient-Centered Medical Home Model Reduces Hospital and Emergency Center Use
DETROIT, April 24, 2017 – A study published this month in Health Services Research concludes that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Patient-Centered Medical Home program is successfully reducing hospital and emergency room use and spend, due to a heightened focus on managing care for people with chronic conditions. In Blue Cross’ Patient-Centered Medical Home […]
CMS Approves Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Medical Home Model for the Medicare Quality Payment Program
Mi Blues Perspectives
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Designates Record Number of Physician Practices as Patient-Centered Medical Homes
For the eighth consecutive year, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and its physician partners are leading the nation in advancing the patient-centered medical home model of care, as 1,638 practices, comprised of 4,534 physicians, have earned designation as patient-centered medical homes.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
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