Care Transitions

The Integrated Michigan Patient-centered Alliance on Care Transitions (I-MPACT) launched in 2016 with a goal to reduce hospital re-admissions and improve post-discharge care coordination.  The initiative is a partnership of hospitals, physician organizations, other post-acute care providers and community organizations.

In an effort to keep the patient voice at the forefront of the collaborative’s work, patient advisors and caregivers are incorporated in each of the hospital/provider organization clusters, are represented on the Advisory Board and are utilized in an e-Advisory Group working with the I-MPACT coordinating center. I-MPACT is focusing on transitions of care in five target populations- congestive heart failure patients, pneumonia patients, acute myocardial infarction patients, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients, and patients transitioning to a skilled nursing facility.

Participants collect and share data to identify best practices that will improve patient care before, during and after transition from the hospital setting.

Visit the I-MPACT website here.


This is a new CQI. Due to the type of data collected, as well as factors such as length of treatment, timing rules, and tracking of patient outcomes, it takes time for the dataset to mature and become robust enough to allow analysis and produce results.