What is PCMH and OSC? Podcast

The health care industry uses a lot of acronyms.  Here in this podcast, we explain Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Organized Systems of Care (OSC), and how the two programs focus on coordinating patient care across all points of care.  The podcast is from The Healthier Michigan Radio Show, which airs the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm on WJR-AM.

Thank you to our special guests:

  • Dr. Jean Malouin, medical director of Value Partnerships at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and PCMH family medicine physician, discusses how the PCMH model is laying the groundwork for a new structure focused on providing care to specific patient populations.
  • Heidi Steinhebel, registered nurse and certified case manager for IHA Ann Arbor Family Medicine, talks about the importance of care management.
  • Dr. Fred Karoub, internal medicine physician at Beaumont Hospital, provides a physician’s perspective of the PCMH model, and how it helps him coordinate patient care with specialists.
  • Sarah Lanivich, senior project lead, CQI Administration at Blue Cross, gives her personal story about her son’s health problems and her experience with a PCMH doctor.

Listen here.

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